DIY – Great Homemade Pillows

You can make a pillowcase with your very own design. You don’t need to buy those that are displayed in the home depot store. Besides, they are rather expensive compared to the ones you make. For the stuff you need, buy some pillow forms, a needle and thread and your own choice of fabric.

You will have to first measure the fabric. You ought to have a forty five inches wide measurement of your fabric. You can fold it in half if you wish to create some standard width of pillowcase. This will help you cut down on the amount of time you need for sewing the fabric together. As for the length, you might want to measure the length of your pillow. Be sure to leave four inches of the cloth for your pillowcase cuff.

Be sure to make straight and squared edges. This will keep your fabric from running and twisting. You then have to fold the cloth in a lengthwise manner to match the selvage edges. You need to make use of the edges that you know are square in shape to make sure that each side is straight. You can use a ruler to make sure that it is not crooked. Once done, unfold the fabric. Stitch three edges of the cloth. You can do some beadwork if you want. After stitching, put in the pillow and stitch the final edge.

The perfect pillow to use would be the pillow forms. They come in various shapes and sizes. It is usually made of polyester or foam. Others are made of down. Down would pertain to fine-textured feathers of water birds. It is usually more expensive compared to the polyester-filled type. However, not all people like the down because there are some people that are allergic to it. There are even ones that are made of eco-friendly materials too.

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