More Abour Pillows

Pillows are personal comfort objects, everyone has a unique posture that they relax rest or sleep with from time to time. It is not possible to manufacture one that caters to all these unique needs perfectly. People have discovered that even custom-made pillows are made with a certain model in mind, which is why handmade pillows are greatly gaining popularity today. You make your pillow for you – who could better understand your needs than you!
Do you remember the countless times you have bought pillows only to through them away after a few months? Instead of wasting resources and endangering the environment, you can do your bit for it by recycling the materials to create brand new handmade pillows. Making pillows requires a very basic sewing knowledge so even beginners can take up a project and be immensely impressed with the result. The tools you will need include:

• Thread and needle or a sewing machine. If you cannot invest in a sewing machine, a basic knowledge of using a thread and needle would do. Since you are not mass producing, it is not a daunting task at all.
• Fabric – there are countless materials lying waste at home that could be recycled as the fillings or casing for the pillow. You can buy the fabric for the case at a store.
Sewing instructions
• Draw up a rough design for your desired pillow and note the measurements. Allow some extra inches to your measurement on the edges for the seam.
• Cut the fabric in two pieces of equal dimension according to your measurement.
• Attach the two pieces together using a pin or clip – right sides facing each other.
• Using a thread and needle or a sewing machine, sew on the edge of the wrong side all the way round leaving one edge or a small gap open for the filling.
• Turn the sewn material inside out through the opening.
• Fill the fabric with any materials of your choice – filling of old pillows, feathers, chopped foams/mattresses, would do.
• Close the opening temporarily with a clip or pin and test for personal comfort. Add or remove the filling material as needed.
• When you are comfortable with the feel, remove the clip or pin, tuck in the un-sewn edges of the fabric at the opening and sew the gap close by hand. Your new pillow is ready for use!
Handmade bed pillows are fun projects that you take up during your leisure times; there is much satisfaction when you literally create your own comfort.

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